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Article VIII
Approval of Lease

Section 1.  Notice of Desire and Intent.  A member who desires to rent or lease his Condominium unit for any term shall provide notice of such desire to the board of Directors at least ten (10) clays before presenting a lease form to a potential lessee.  At the same time, the member shall provide to the Board a copy of the exact lease form proposed so that the Board may review it for compliance with the condominium Documents.  Tenants and nonco-owner occupants shall comply with all of the conditions of the Condominium Documents and all of the provisions of the Act, and all leases and rental agreements shall so state.  The Board shall advise the member of any deficiencies in the lease form and the member shall correct such deficiencies as directed by the Board before the presenting a copy of the lease form to a potential lessee.

Section 2.  Additional Restrictions on Leasing.  No member shall lease less than an entire unit in the Condominium and no tenant of a unit shall be permitted to occupy a unit except under written lease, the initial term of which is at least one (1) week, unless specifically approved in writing by the Board of Directors; provided, however, that in the case of Units 36-68 only, the one (1) week minimum rental period shall be reduced to one (1) day, and such use shall for purposes of the Condominium Documents be considered “residential” in nature.  The Board may, except to the extent prohibited by law, require a security deposit from any proposed tenant of a unit as a condition to the approval of any lease.

Section 3.  Nonco-owner Compliance.

(A) All nonco-owner occupants shall comply with all of the terms and conditions of the Condominium Documents and the provisions of the Act.

(b)  If the Association determines that a non-co-owner occupant has failed to comply with the conditions of the Condominium Documents, or the provisions of the Act, the Association shall take the following action:

  1. The Association shall advise the appropriate member by certified mail of the alleged violation by a person occupying his unit.
  2. The member shall have fifteen (15) days after receipt of the notice to investigate and correct the alleged breach or advise the Association that a violation has not occurred.
  3. If after fifteen (15) days the Association believes that the alleged breach has not been cured or  may be repeated, it may institute on its behalf an action for eviction against the nonco-owner occupant and, simultaneously, for money damages against the member and nonco-owner occupant for breach of the conditions of the Condominium Documents or of the Act.  The relief set forth to this section may be by any appropriate proceeding.  The Association may hold both the nonco-owner occupant and the member liable for any damages caused to the Condominium.

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